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Montenegro Metropolis Media - leading outdoor provider in Montenegro

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Metropolis Media Montenegro - Billboards, megaboards, city light

MONTENEGRO METROPOLIS MEDIA Ltd. situated in Podgorica is leading outdoor provider in Montenegro .
We represent, maintain and exploit advertising large board of standard, Europian formats such as, Billboard 4x3m, Backlight 4x3m with integrated inner lighting, Billboard 6x3 m, Bigboard 8x3 m, 8,3x3m, Megaboard 10x5 m, 12x4, 12x3m; City Light 1,17x1,75m as well as large and nonstandard formats on facades, rocks and flyovers.
Due to the fact that outdoor advertisement is, above all, visual way of communication, it is evident that this way of advertising communication is efficient.In modern, urban surroundings, thousands of people are exposed to these messages every day. There is 30 percent of average customer who are exposed to the messages from outdoor large boards.

Advertising surface- Metropolis Montenegro

Advertising posters transfer your messages more efficiently and cheaper than other media. This kind of power comes from fast and broad way this media influence the market. Posters on large boards present your products in a colourful way, in normal dimension. In that way, they are "inevitable". Advertising surface can be seen here
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